Monday, August 6, 2012

I Made Myself a Deal

Happy Monday!

Like everyone else out there that quilts, I have a job and a family.  Trying to find time to do everything is tough. And if you have ever read my blog, you know that I am not good at finishing things.  Luckily, that is not a characteristic I take to work with me.   :)  It does, however, apply to my quilting (and housework).

So I have made a deal with myself.  A bet if you will. 

I have to complete 5 quilt tops/flimsies:

Autumn Ridge
Cambridge Square
Sailboats for Joseph
Egg Money Quilt
Big Sister Addie

AND finish the Northcott Block of the Month.

When that happens (about May 2013 due to the BoM), I am buying myself the Babylock Jane to quilt them all!!!

My pennies are already saved.  I had been saving for the past few years to buy a long arm.  However after completing some house renovations, I lost every spot that had previously been large enough for such a beast.  So a mid arm it is!  My only issue now is getting over the guilt of buying a machine given I have only completed two baby quilts in 2012. Therefore, my little challenge to myself!

Wish me luck!  Happy Quilting!

Block Number 2!

They multiply!! I was so inspired by how well the first block went together, I couldn't consider doing anything else until I finished Northcott Block #2!!  Block #3 is already cut and waiting on my sewing table to get a little peace, quiet and patience :)

I love the Marti Michell templates so much!!  But cutting out one block at a time is NOT my thing.  Other than hand applique quilts, like Piecemakers, my preference is to cut out a quilt from start to finish and then sew.  Maybe a sample block.  But nothing like this!!

Any Sampler Lovers out there??  Anyone else doing this quilt?

I am off to get some Work work done and watch the Canada / US Soccer game.  Go Canada!!!

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Northcott Block of the Month - Block 1!!

I have been away for a few months.  Away from my blog, but mostly from my sewing machine.  Busy at work & busy with my kids' soccer and skating.  Just plain busy.

I went to Sew Have Fun today to pick up blocks 3 & 4 for the Northcott Block of the Month.  I still had not even cut a piece of fabric on Block 1.  Until today!  I have a fear of cutting fabric.  Especially if the fabric is in a very limited amount and one wrong cut will mean big trouble.  Maybe that is why I usually buy an quarter of a meter..... okay, an extra meter...... of every fabric, for every project.  No wonder I have such a large stash!!

Well as you can see, I changed all of that today.  Block 1 is complete!  And thanks to the Marti Michell templates, it was easy to cut and easier to piece!  The rest of the blocks still frighten me, but now that I have Block One under my belt, who knows?  Maybe Block 2 won't take another three months!

Happy Quilting!!